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Wednesday 2 November 2016

Living In Harmony

    Fancy living in Harmony stranger? Its not really his kind of town. In fact The Man With No Name has about as much dislike for Harmony as he does The Village, the townspeople can keep it! It’s then that the townspeople turn on the stranger.
   In ‘A Change of Mind’ there was much talk about disharmony amongst the citizens, and in Number 6’s case, we see what happens to him when he refuses to toe the line. He’s attacked by an angry mob and manhandled all the way to the hospital. In Harmony when The Man With No Name is attacked by an angry mob he’s put in jail under protective custody, after he angered the townspeople by insulting their town! It seems that these two episodes share a common denomination, that fact that disharmony is frowned upon!

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  1. Hi David,
    I read this post and it made me think of the current situation here in the U. S. People feel free to attack, physically attack, people who voice their thoughts about one or the other of the 2 political candidates running for president.
    The right of free speech is alive and well, as long as you agree with them...whichever side you're standing beside!!!!!
    Quite like "Free for All" wouldn't you say?


    1. Hello Karen,
      Yes I would say the presidential election in America is like ‘Free For All.’
      As someone looking in from the outside, I feel sorry for the state of American politics, for the state of a once great country. To think that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the best candidates America could have for President to me is a pretty sad state of affairs. Do we hear about the policies of the two candidates? No, it’s just been a personal slanging match between Clinton and Trump all through the election.
      Donald Trump would probably build a Village, and put all undesirables in it!

      Best wishes to you and America

  2. Hi David ,
    I'm more afraid of Clinton getting elected . ..too many mysterious deaths security issues being buried . ..and I will never in good conscious agree with the murder of innocent babies .
    The global Village idea is a way for the global elitists to control "everyman " and allow the elite few to become rich.

    It's ironic that Patrick McGoohan was pointing out the dangers of isolation and mind control . ..schools today here are rewriting history to bend the minds of children , and drugs work on the young and old alike . ..whether legal or illegal .doctors have prescription pad in hand when they come through the door .
    Elections are a sham designed to make the "everyman " think that their vote actually counts...but I'm beginning to become cynical about that!
    Patrick McGoohan was pointing out all of the issues and hoping to get discussion going .