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Saturday 26 November 2016

Close To The Enemy!

    ‘Close To The Enemy’ by Steven Poliakoff is a new BBC television series about Military Intelligence soon after the end of WWII. A hotel room in London is a holding station, a virtual prison, used to keep very important people of one side or the other. One such important person was a high ranking NAZI previously of German Intelligence. This man had been turned so that he would work for British Military Intelligence. At one point in last Thursday’s episode {November 24th} this former NAZI was to be taken ill with supposed pneumonia at the hotel, from where he would be taken to a hospital, and in the hospital would die. But in reality he was spirited away from the hospital so that he could begin working for his new masters in British Military Intelligence. This immediately struck me as being quite familiar, akin to the scenario involving Cobb in ‘Arrival.’ He was in a hotel, but in Germany, he was taken from that hotel and woke up in a hospital {never mind that it’s in The Village} where he was supposed to have died.  But instead he was taken away in order to begin working for his new masters! Fair enough, it’s not an exact parallel, but in some ways close enough.....................well for me anyway!

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