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Friday 18 November 2016

Do You Think That’s Wise?

   Those words “Do you think that’s wise?” might have been wise words spoken by Number 2 at this point. Why? Because Number 6 is taking the Polaroid photograph from the breast pocket of his cream blazer {the Polaroid taken by Alison in Number 6’s cottage after the incident with the soda siphon} which mush have been removed along with the day/date calendar and the wristwatch. But in the Polaroid he is wearing a dark coloured blazer! In producing that Polaroid it could, and should have spoilt the whole plan at that point. I’m surprised no-one picked up on that at the time, if not Number 2, then surely Number 6, and if not him, then Doris Martin who was responsible for continuity at that time. She should have pointed that out to Patrick McGoohan the moment the decision was made to change the colour of one of the blazers. Mind you McGoohan should have realized there was something wrong himself, the mistake he was making!

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