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Thursday 24 November 2016

Prismatic Reflection

    During the debriefing session with Number 2 in ‘Arrival’ we are shown pictures from the Prisoner’s life from the cradle to his childhood, his time playing for the school cricket team, and in the School Cadet Force. And eventually of a most important day, he was getting ready to met Chambers, who was about to become late of the Foreign Office. He was hoping to change his mind before the big boys found out. He went to the rendezvous and waited and waited, but he never turned up. A nice guy Chambers, and so he talked, apparently having been abducted to The Village. Then there was that time the Prisoner had returned from Singapore, a change of climate, feeling a bit shaky, he was sickening for a cold. He sneezed himself out of their camera. Then he was deciding to take a vacation, where could he go, Ireland….a bit too cold that time of the year. Paris? Maybe not. What was that, sounded like a click, something in the mirror? Or was it over there? Yes over there too!
     So it was agents working for The Village who were watching ZM73 through the closest possible surveillance. That leaves but one question, which department of British Military Intelligence does The Village come under? Chambers, well on the face of it, it looks as though he was about to either defect or resign, and ZM73 was going to try and stop him. But the meeting with Chambers never took place, because agents working for The Village, possibly two undertakers, abducted Chambers who eventually ended up in The Village. It’s possible that Chambers was like Cobb, he talked and allowed himself to be turned and then returned home to take up his place once more in the Foreign Office. Who knows just how many such people are “sleeping” within the Foreign Office, the Home Office, departments of British Military Intelligence, even in the House of Lords?! Just waiting to be used by The Villages administration.
   ZM73 {for want of a better name} having just returned from
Singapore was deciding to go on holiday when he discovered that he was under surveillance. Why was he under such close surveillance, and from whom? Had he become suspect in some way, and people either from his own department or possibly Special Branch, were keeping a close eye on him. No, agents working for The Village had been keeping him under the closest possible surveillance, but why? Possibly because they had chosen him for abduction to The Village, a man of ZM73’s calibre would be most useful to them. But when was this exactly, before or after the Prisoner resigned his job? If before, then it means agents working for The Village had been keeping tabs on ZM73 long before he resigned. It might be that that action of resigning his job upset the apple cart. If the design was to abduct ZM73, extract all information from him, then turn him so that he became an operative for The Village, then to return him to his home, his work as a “sleeper” to be used as and when required by The Village’s administrators. The trouble is the Prisoner had no position to return to, he had resigned. And that effectively made him useless to them in the outside world.
   On the other hand, it might be that ZM73’s resignation was a put up job on both his part and that of his department. It could be that ZM73 reported the hidden cameras in his home, that person or persons unknown had him under surveillance. Then the idea being, to

allow things to take their course, after all there had been a number of
disappearances recently. Chambers, Cobb, Roland Walter Dutton,

even the Colonel and Fotheringay had been away from the department for a time, which could not be explained. So instead of waiting for something to happen ZM73, for whatever reason, resigned his job and was going on holiday. That forced The Villages administrators hand, and sent two undertakers to abduct ZM73 from his home. Whatever happens he must not be allowed to leave for the continent! But
unbeknown to them, ZM73 was playing a double game, he was although he didn’t know it, about to follow Chambers, Cobb, and Dutton to The Village.
    So having allowed things to take their course he had infiltrated the Village, and having gained adequate information, then once he escaped and returned to an office he knows very well in London he set about making his report to The Colonel. But as we know The Colonel was working for The Village. But that did not deter Number 6, for having escaped The Village for real, he made a call on the Colonel at his country residence in order to make his report about The Village to him, but this time armed with photographic evidence! But of course “they” couldn’t allow Number 6 to go about telling all and sundry about The Village, so they put him back in it! 

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  1. Hi David,

    I found it interesting that they would have had pictures of ZM73 as a BABY...were they actually taken when he was a child? OR were they obtained in a background investigation? What purpose would it be to get a baby picture of him? OHHHH...just to fill in ALL the as in knowing what made him decide to resign!


    1. Hallo Karen,
      I've often wondered about that. Number 2 seems not only to be in possession of surveillance photographs, but also of the Prisoner's family photo album! Is that child really Number 6? I can't see it really, he's smiling, Number 6 rarely smiles!
      Those photographs shown on the screen as the Prisoner flips through the file {back to front} give the impression that he's been under surveillance since he was born! and yet they are simply a pictorial description to show they know everything about him.

      Best regards