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Thursday 10 November 2016

Fall Out

    That’s an army order isn’t, one given at the end of a parade, “Fall Out” shouts the sergeant major! But never mind that. Number 2 has died, eventually a team of medics resuscitated him, but I should have thought it much too late. That Number 2 should have suffered brain damage having been deprived of oxygen for too long! But there we are, its fiction and anything can happen when it comes to fiction, and so Number 2 became a new man, and as they used to say in the Music Halls, “A funny thing happened on my way here”………… he had his hair cut, and his beard shaved. He also thought he could just carry on much as before when he encouraged his diminutive Butler to go with him. But there are new allegiances such is the price of fame and failure, how sad. But Number 2 isn’t Number 2 any more, just as Number 6 is no longer to be called by that number, or any number at all. The one is “late,” the other has vindicated the right of the individual to be individual. As for Number 48, well he’s still Number 48, described as symbolizing rebellious youth, rebelling against nothing it can define. If that’s his only crime, it makes you wonder why Number 48 was brought to The Village in the first place!

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