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Friday 4 November 2016

Village Life!

    “Good morning all, it’s another beautiful day. Your attention please, here are two announcements. Ice cream is now on sale for your enjoyment, the flavour of the day is strawberry. Here is a warning! There is a possibility of light intermittent showers later in the day. Thank you for your attention.”
    “Did you hear that Number Fifty-three.”
    “Yes Number Thirty-seven, lucky I brought my umbrella!”
   “No I didn’t mean that, ice cream is now on sale, the flavour of the day is strawberry.”
    “Do they sell any other flavours?”
    “No, they just sell the flavour of the day.”
    “Why do you say that?”
    “I don’t like strawberry. What day to they sell mint choc chip?”
    “Is that your favourite flavour?”
    “Come to think of it, I like raspberry ripple.”
    “Who’s that chap?”
   “I don’t know, but he doesn’t look very happy.”
   “Perhaps he doesn’t like strawberry either!”
   “I know, lets go and have a cup of tea at the café, my treat.”
   “In that case we’ll have tea and toasted teacakes.”
   “And we can collect my umbrella on the way.”
   “No need, you can share mine.”
   “That’s very kind.”
   “Think nothing of it. Did you hear about Number One-four-seven?”
   “Well I’m not one to gossip as you know, but they say……….”
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