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Wednesday 16 November 2016

Thought For the Day

    What jolly music is played as Number 6 approaches the steps of the Recreation Hall, and what disappointment Number 6 must feel. Not only because he’s right back where he started, but he hardly left the Village in the first place! The fact that Nadia had betrayed him, was something Number 6 could live with. But then people who he was once colleague to, the Colonel and Fotheringay had also betrayed him, and that had to hurt. There was nothing to say, what could he have said, so he simply accepted and walked on his way back to his cottage, after all as one Number 2 said “It’s the only place he can ever go.” The music was jolly and uplifting, when Number 6 was feeling anything but, and as if that wasn’t enough, there was that public announcement, about the local Council organising a great new competition, this time seascapes. Was that planned to rub salt into the wound? It’s always struck me to be so.

Be seeing you Number 6, better luck next time!

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