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Thursday 29 August 2019

A New No.2

    “I am the new Number Two.”
    “What do you want me to do about it?”
    “I hold a position of authority here in the Village, and as such I should have thought it would have entitled me to better accommodation than this.”
    “Where did you think you would be living, in the manor house, or the pink mansion perhaps?”
    “No, but at least in the Green Dome.”
    “Why ever did you think that?”
    “Number Two’s residence is what they call it.”
    “That’s as maybe, but at the end of the day the Green Dome is nothing more than a glorified office.”
    “Yes I found that out for myself thank you very much!”
    “And so I’m to live here!”
    “What’s wrong with it?”
    “Well it’s just one room, and there is a distinct smell of fresh paint.”
    “You’re a fussy little f-fella aren’t you, and unsatisfied with it. It was a rush job, we only got to hear about your arrival the other day, but we managed to turn it into a real home from home for you.”
    “Hardly that, a single room, I ask you.....”
    “Anyway I shouldn’t let it bother you too much.”
    “Why not?”
    “You won’t be here that long, none of your kind last all that long, six weeks at most. Mind you I’ve known some to last but three days.”
    “Three days?”
    “Hardly enough time for anyone to get to know the place really, let alone how to run it. Well I’ll leave you to settle yourself in.”
    “Who did you say you are again?”
Butler sir, I’m almost part of the fixtures and fittings, been here that long.”
   “How long?”
   “I couldn’t really say sir, but a very long time.”
    He eventually settled himself into his new inner sanctum of the Green Dome as No.2. The idea being that he would extract the reason behind Number 9’s resignation. It should have been 6, but 2 had the file upside down. That’s the problem when one number can be made into something else simply by turning it upside down. Poor Number 9, it wasn’t his fault. Number 2 didn’t last two days, they tried to tell him that he had the wrong man. But he had the right man he said, what’s more he had the file to prove it!
    It’s all very well this rule about changeable Number 2’s, so that Number 6 is unable to strike up a relationship with any one of them. But sometimes by this action, the position against Number 6 is weakened!

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