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Thursday 1 August 2019

The Arrival!

    I don’t know why, but I work on the principle that each new arrival in the village experiences much the same thing. Confusion, disorientation, not knowing where they are, why, or how they came to be in the village. Every new arrival must at some point take their first tentative steps out of their cottage and into the village. No.6 did, but I think he experienced more than most. After all there was no need for that man to have been leaning out of the window halfway up the Bell Tower. No.6 did go to the café, and was asked if he wanted breakfast, just as well he didn’t because upon returning to his cottage there was a telephone call from No.2 inviting him to join him for breakfast. Nadia didn’t go to the café, because she had only just regained consciousness when the telephone began to bleep, and No2 invited her to join him for breakfast. But as No6 was escorting Nadia across the square, across the street, and up the steps to the Green Dome, she did ask him about a car and whether she could get one. No.6 of course enquired about hire cars, self drive at the General Store on the day of his arrival. And seeing as how both No.6 and Nadia were invited to breakfast with No.2, and not forgetting Curtis, then its feasible that every new arrival was asked to breakfast, and of course a first interview with No.2.
    Invited to breakfast with No.2, but each time No.6 has breakfast with No.2 its breakfast for one, usually No.6’s favourite breakfast, bacon and two eggs, toast, marmalade, and when it comes to tea, its either Indian or China. But then in ‘Free For All’ it’s French or International cuisine, a piece of quiche
Lorraine with a poached egg on it. But only a piece of toast for No.2. As Curtis No.6 has a choice “a la Carte” meaning a wide varitey of courses, where as “table d’hote” meaning “table of the host” consisting of a fixed number of already prepared dishes. In this instance pancakes. But once again no breakfast for No.2. It strikes me the prisoners eat better than the warder of the prison!

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