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Wednesday 7 August 2019

I Smoke Black Cigarettes!

    ‘The Schizoid Man,’ Number 6, is conditioned to smoke Black Russian cigarettes, so why doesn't he in the episode? In fact rarely do we see anyone in the village smoking. Number 6 does try to smoke his favourite brand of cigar, but that has been doctored with a piece of plastic to make Number 6 cough on it! Number 24-Alison lights up in the same episode, and Mrs Butterworth of ‘Many Happy Returns’ enjoys a cigarillo, half cigarette and half cigar. The only time we see Number 6 smoking a cigarette is during ‘Living In Harmony.’ Many fans are under the impression that Number 6 is smoking a cheroot, but he actually rolls his own cigarette using tobacco and a liquorice cigarette paper.
    So if No.6 rarely smokes in ‘the Prisoner,’ why are his fingers so nicotine stained? Because Patrick McGoohan was something of a chain-smoker. Certainly as ‘Danger Man’ John Drake he was always lighting a cigarette. And in the 50 minute episodes, every time Drake wanted to take a photograph he would have to light a cigarette, because his micro camera is hidden in his cigarette lighter!

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