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Monday 5 August 2019

The Therapy Zone

    I suppose it makes for good therapy to write something down, to get something off one’s chest so to speak, or to publicly speak out and make a confession of it. I suppose that’s why Number 93 felt so much better for having confessed that he’s inadequate, and disharmonious. Confession is generally for the Catholics, or the police, the confession of one’s crime. Confession is good for the soul so they say, and for the conscience. One’s conscience rests more easily after confession. But there is not priest, vicar, padre, cleric, Buddhist monk, or representative of any religion in the village. There is no place of worship of any kind, because there is no religion whatsoever! The only people who anyone can confess to is ones fellow citizens, and this is done publicly, so that confession can be seen to be done, to be witnessed. And yet Number 93’s confession of inadequacy and disharmony was not a free confession, he was told what to say, and 93 repeated what he was told to say parrot fashion. So it is not a true confession by the penitent man!

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