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Sunday 11 August 2019

The Girl Who Was Death

    This episode Mister X being given the instruction of going to the Magnum Record Shop, the chief will speak to him there.
    At the Magnum Record Shop, Mister X gives the shop assistant a signal with his tie, and is handed a record. Mister X then goes to a booth, where he places the record on a turntable, and we hear the voice of the chief giving Mister X his briefing, and instructions of how to act next.
    This might seem a bit comical, especially when Mister X makes the comment 'Thank you very much' to which the voice on the record replies 'What was that?' 'Nothing' Mister X replies. Yet getting instructions from a record is nothing new. Dan Briggs, of the first season of Mission Impossible on occasion, would go to a record store, and gain instructions for his next mission via a voice on a record.  
    This for me is an enjoyable break between the mind change No.6 went through during ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ and what was to come, the ultimate test sealed in that Embryo Room of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ A fairytale, all be it a dangerous fairytale, which takes us back to the days of John Drake and Danger Man. Something to be taken for nothing more than what it is, pure escapism to be enjoyed between two torturous episodes. The one not knowing if he would be restored to the man he was, and the other having to be the one or the other, which could result in the death of either one of them. And believe you me, there won't be much fun in that!

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