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Saturday 17 August 2019

Life In The Village

    “I understand a new Number Eight arrived in the village late this morning.”
    “What happened to the old Number Eight?”
    “He wasn’t that old.”
    “I know that, what happened to him?”
    “He vacated the premises.”
    “He escaped, I don’t recall officiating at his funeral.”
    “No, there wasn’t a funeral, you need a body.”
    “We didn’t need a body for Cobb’s funeral that time.”
    “That was different.”
    “So what happened to the body?”
    “My guess would be Rover absorbed it!”
    “It did have a pinkish hue about it the day Number 8 went missing.”
    “Nasty way to die!”
    “I can think of better ways.”
    “You remember that old woman Number 113 in a wheelchair ?”
    “She was always coughing.”
    “Yes, but it wasn’t the cough that carried her off.”
    In unison “It was the coffin we carried her off in!” laughing very loudly.

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