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Tuesday 27 August 2019


    What if I don’t try to escape, what happens then?
    We assume you will have settled down to life here.
    Ah, but I could be lulling you into a false sense of security. Doing what you want me to do day in day out for weeks and months on end. Then one day I’m no longer here! Aha you’ll say that was damned clever of him, lull us to sleep by doing what we expected him to do day in day out for weeks, months on end, and now he’s escaped. But how did he do it? You’ll say. When did he do it? You’ll say.
    But you are still here.
    Yes I know I am, I haven’t started my plan yet.
    When will you start this plan of yours?
    I don’t know.
    No, not tomorrow, tomorrow is the first day of the village festival.
    So it will be after then, in three days time?
    I don’t know, I might, depends on what kind of mood I wake up in.
    But you might be trying to fool us. You might be telling me this, when you actually intend to begin your plan by attending the village festival, which is what we would expect you to do if you were beginning to settle down.
    Ah! I hadn’t thought of that!
    Don’t you think that you’re over thinking this?
    I don’t want to try and escape, its more bother than it’s worth!
    But it’s the duty of every prisoner to try and escape when their spirit’s broken.
    My spirit’s not broken.
    There was one prisoner, he attempted to escape on the way to the village. He attempted to escape the moment he woke up in his cottage. On the day of his arrival he attempted no fewer than ten escapes. He planned an escape very day he was held captive here. He built a glider in the
Bell Tower, but it crashed when he tried to launch it. He dug tunnels, he tried hiding to make us believe he had escaped when he hadn’t! He hid in a dustbin and had himself thrown out with the rubbish! He tried hiking across the mountains, he formed a cross country running club they were twenty miles away by the time we caught up with them! He then formed a scuba diving club........... they never did any diving, they just liked parading about in wet suits! And there you sit...............oh he’s gone!

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