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Friday 23 August 2019

An Escaped Prisoner!

    Well that’s what No.6 was, an escaped prisoner, but not the one the police were looking for. As for Colonel James and Thorpe, I’ve never been sure about them one way or the other. Were they both in cahoots with the village, or had they really no knowledge of the place? It’s an easy game for the Colonel and Thorpe to play, just de-brief their ex-colleague, investigate his story, and if they are in league with the village, just as the former Colonel and Fotheringay had been, all they had to do was send him on his way back to it! And if not, then did the Colonel authorize a search for the lost aircraft and crew supposedly lost in an accident at sea? But I expect the commander of RAF Gibraltar would have alerted British Intelligence back in England, and in turn the Colonel.  And yet the question remains, were the Colonel and Thorpe in league with the village as their predecessors had been? Or were they innocent of any such collaboration? Perhaps this is insoluble for both man and machine!

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