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Thursday 29 August 2019

Life In The Village

    “Free elections!”
    “Yes, see what you get with free elections!”
    “The sooner Number Two declares abolishing such shenanigans the better!”
    “Getting Number Six involved didn’t help!”
    “What was Number Two thinking about, progress, progress, progress!”
    “I agree, progress isn’t always a good thing!”
    “And Number Six wasn’t much better, accusing us of being rotten cabbages, he didn’t get my vote I can tell you that.”
    2“So you voted for the old Number 2 in the end, and the old regime forever.”
    “Did you vote for him?”
    “No, I voted for Number 6, his promises rang richly in my ears, and I liked the idea of less work and more play!”
    “But at least we know where we are with the old regime!”
    “I wonder where we’ll stand with this new Number Two?”
    “As administration officials we must treat each new incumbent Number Two the same, we must be impartial.”
    “Since when do housemaids get promoted as the new Number Two without election?”
    “Since the abolition of the democratic process!”
    “That was quick! You have to admire the effectiveness of Number Two’s efficient administration!”

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