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Monday 19 August 2019

In The Village!

    Everyone’s a number in the Village, unless of course you have a name, like Cobb, Nadia, Alison, Monique, Roland Walter Dutton......that’s a point, why Roland Walter Dutton, why not just Roland Dutton? Using his second name sort of gives him an air of importance where Dutton is concerned. But he wasn’t so important as he had no access to the vital information, and certainly not by the end of the episode he wasn’t important. Some Court Jester, who Number 6 said would be able to say the things that had to be said!
    When it comes to being important there’s no-one more important than the Professor! A kindly gentleman, and yet when I refer to the Professor’s wife it’s always as Madam Professor, simply on the grounds that she has neither number nor name. And the same goes for the Professor. It’s strange, but as far as I can recall there is only one scene in ‘The General’ when Madam Professor and her husband are seen together and then only for a few seconds, when he’s lying heavily sedated in his bed.

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