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Tuesday 20 December 2016

A Familiar Scene Or Is It?

    Oh it’s you!
    I want a word with you, in fact I want several words with you.
    If you’ve come here looking for an argument you’ve come to the wrong office, try further down the corridor.
    Do you know what you are?
    No, but I expect you’re going to tell me.
    You are without doubt the most god awful ******* ******* it has been my misfortune to meet. I hope that one day you **** ** **** **** * *** *** ***** ** **** ******* ****!
    That’s not an argument, that abuse. And I’m not going to stand for that.
    Why not?
   Now look what you’ve done. You’ve upset my cup and saucer, and broken the tea plate!
    What are you going to do about it?
    Please do not raise your voice at me. I shall just have to report it.
    Report what?
    The broken tea plate when the tea lady comes back to collect them.
    About me, what are you going to do about me?
    I can see that you are dead set on having an argument. Go along the corridor until you see room twelve b.
    Twelve b.
   And this room?
   Is five, number five.
   Along the corridor.
   Yes that’s right.
    Twelve b along the corridor.
    This is room twelve b, is it?
    Why do you ask?
    The man in room five told me to go along the corridor to room twelve b.
    So what’s your problem?
    Is this Twelve b?
    No, it’s room Thirteen, twelve b is next door but one, back along the corridor.
    This room..............
    What about it?
    It’s identical to room five!
    Really? I’ve never been in room five.
    There’s a chap in that room, he’s sat behind a desk, just like yours, what’s more he’s the dead spit of you!
    Well we won’t argue about it
    Why not argue about it?
    Look I’m a passive kind of man. I find arguing a waste of time and energy
    I find it relieves the feelings. I told that other one what I thought of him, and for all I know it might have been you I was telling.
    You would! Room twelve b back along the corridor.
    I know, next door but one, back along the corridor.
    This must be it!
   Ah there you are!
   Yes here I am, and I don’t mind telling you that I’m pretty well pissed off by now. I’ve been pushed from, pillar to post...................
    Don’t you mean room old boy?
    Let me tell you that I’m not going to take any more of this. Just who do you think you are?
    I might ask you the same question. You come barging in here laying the law down..................
    I came here................
    Looking for an argument, well you won’t get one from me. You’re fired!
    What?.......................Just a minute, this room, it’s not the same as the others.
    What others?
    Rooms five and thirteen, it’s different, the room it’s mirrored to the others.
    Mirrored? Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve just had the furniture rearranged that’s all.
    I’ll rearrange you if you’re not careful.
    Violence will avail you nothing. Now go home and I’ll send someone round soon. Your services are no longer required.
    I am in the right office?
    My dear chap, you’ve been in the right office all along!

    Fired, they can’t fire me, I’ll resign first............................

Be seeing you

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