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Friday 2 December 2016


   Was ZM73 protecting you I wonder? He once said the trouble with science is that it can be perverted. I can see a humanitarian application for your mind transference technique, but now in the hands of The Village administration, your technique has already been perverted. At least one country’s national security has been breached! But you are no innocent. Oh don’t bother to protest your innocence doctor. To get where you are in your current experiments you have to have had a number of subjects to work with, at least two. Who were they? Unsuspecting citizens of Kandersfeld? And did you manage to put them back together again, mind and body?
   I wonder how The Village Administration came by their Seltzman machine? They had no Seltzman machine of their own, there was no Seltzman machine they could have borrowed, so after acquiring one.....they began putting it to good use. What practical use did you envisage for your machine doctor Seltzman?

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