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Friday 30 December 2016

The Therapy Zone

    Who precisely was the Colonel working for in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling?’ If it was for the department run By Sir Charles Portland, one would have expected him to recognize the Colonel. “Hello Colonel, and what can I do for you?” he might have said, or something like that. And yet on the other hand, if Sir Charles was “in” on The Village plot, then he might well have feigned not knowing who the Colonel was, having sent him to The Village himself, knowing full well that ZM73 was who he claimed to be but in the guise of the Colonel. However if not, then the Colonel probably didn’t work for Sir Charles Portland, but for another department within British Intelligence, and it was they who sent him to The Village. Sir Charles might well be innocent in this affair and knew nothing of The Village. If that is correct, then the race between those behind The Village and Sir Charles Portland and his department to find Doctor Seltzman was on. Whether Sir Charles believed the Colonel/ZM73’s story or not, he couldn’t afford his department to fall behind in the race and miss out on finding Doctor Seltzman. So Potter was despatched to follow the man who claimed to be ZM73, after all he is the only link to Doctor Seltzman. And if Sir Charles was only too aware of the new identity of ZM73, then for The Village’s sake he could not afford to lose him. So Potter would be on hand not only to collect Doctor Seltzman in the net but also retain ZM73. And yet there is that final scene in the basement of the Barbers shop, the sudden appearance of an undertaker in the uniform of a chauffeur. Armed with a nerve gas gun, he not only rendered ZM73 unconscious, but Potter also. Potter not working for The Village might well have otherwise put up a struggle against the agent in the pay of those behind The Village. But whether Potter was then taken to The Village along with ZM73 and doctor Seltzman is of course unknown. But if he wasn’t, he would certainly have some explaining to do to Sir Charles Portland!

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