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Tuesday 20 December 2016

Why Did You Resign?

   To the question of why did the Prisoner resign, Number 2’s response was “Now that's all we really want to know,” the words spoken during the debriefing session on the morning of the Prisoner’s arrival in The Village. Now it’s my own personal opinion that the reason why the Prisoner resigned isn’t that important. The fact of the matter is he had resigned, the reason seems inconsequential no matter what it was, and he’s not obliged to give a reason. Number 2 said that they like to know everything, and seeing as the reason why the Prisoner resigned is one detail missing from his file, it’s only natural that they should want to bring his file up to date! But once again the Prisoner is not obliged to give a reason for his resignation, certainly not to people who have taken quite a liberty of having him abducted to The Village! Had the Prisoner given an explanation of why he had resigned, what then would have been Number 2’s next question?

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