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Saturday 10 December 2016

They Might Let Me Go!

    Is that what they said, they might let you go if you gave them some sort of information?
    What kind of information?
    I don’t know, they never said.
    So basically I could tell you anything, and you would go running off to Number Two to tell it to him and he would let you go!
    And you expect me to believe you?
    I don’t know.
    And you believe Number Two?
    You won’t help me?
    I can’t help myself. But I can tell you what to do....get out!
    Get out.............what are they watching now? Well there you are Two whoever you are Two, it didn’t work. I’m sending your little agent back to you.   
    Not very good at this are you?
    Do you want me to finish my dusting?
    No, I want you to go, I don’t suspect for one minute that you really are a housemaid.
    I’m sorry.
    Sorry, what for?
    Suddenly the cottage door opened and two men in black entered.
    You would have saved yourself a great deal of pain Number Ninety-nine.
   One of the two men in black over coat and top hat produced a peculiar gun. He squeezed the trigger and a cloud of vapour issued forth, the room began to spin, and Ninety-nine dropped to the floor.
    Why don’t you get smart Ninety-nine. All you have to do is tell me what I want to know and they’ll release you.
    Let me go, what I’ll be able to leave The Village?
    No, not leave The Village, release you from the hospital into The Village.
    So I told them what they wanted to know, and they released me.....from the hospital. Now Number Two tells me that if I pledge my allegiance to The Village he has the authority to let me leave, and go back to my former life. But I haven’t got a former life. I resigned my position, the house, the car and everything else went with it! 
    I woke up on a park bench, in clothes which suit my situation in life, I am a vagrant, I sleep rough on the streets and beg for money. Don’t ask how I came to this situation, all I did was resign. I haven’t eaten for two days, I wish, I wish I were still in.........................The Village!

Be seeing you

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