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Friday 30 December 2016

Citizen No.66

    Number 2 described Number 66 as being an ex-Admiral, noting that he no longer retains his rank. Why not, after all this Admiral would have retired from the Royal Navy years ago, so where would the harm be in the Village administration allowing him to retain his rank?
    The only thing about Number 66 is, we have no idea how long he has been in The Village, or what crime if any, he committed to see himself brought to The Village in the first place. I cannot imagine, well I could, that the Royal Navy was trying to save themselves a pension! But I think we have to take it at face value that Number 66 was a British Royal Naval Admiral in his former life. Perhaps he had
committed some serious misdemeanour while in command. Perhaps he lost some important naval plans or a new type of torpedo, or some new naval electronic defence system. Whatever the reason was, it saw him stripped of his rank, and placed in The Village.
   Of course it might simply have been that Number 66 had been brought to The Village because he had knowledge which was important to the Village’s administration, that knowledge then extracted, and Number 66 then put in quiet retirement in the Old People’s Home. But that doesn’t explain the removal of the ex-Admiral’s rank, after all if he was abducted to The Village when an Admiral why not let him retain his rank? Personally I like the idea that the ex-Admiral had had his rank stripped from him, and had been put in The Village because of some disgrace!
    I always enjoy listening to his joke about the Stone Boat, that she’s good in any weather, that he’d sailed her many a time. It makes Number 66 appear to be one ship short of a flotilla, when in actual fact his mind it still as sharp as ever. After all he knew to tell Number 9 that they are all pawns in The Village, perhaps recognizing Number 9 as being a pawn!

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