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Saturday 24 December 2016

Thought For The Day

     I like to think that ZM73 resigned because he became fed up, and possibly disillusioned, with the kind of work he did. But perhaps symbolically, it’s not ZM73 we see resigning from his job, but Patrick McGoohan resigning from his role of ‘Danger Man’ John Drake!
   Of course no matter how close they had ZM73 under surveillance, they could have watched him writing his letter of resignation, but if he didn’t write down the reason in that letter, and he was by no means obliged to, they wouldn’t know what he was thinking, or why he resigned. They needed him to tell them!
   I imagine they only wanted to know why the Prisoner resigned because it was one detail missing from his personal file. However if they managed to get Number 6 to tell them that, then perhaps all the other information might quickly follow. As Number 2 said “If he will answer one simple question, all the rest will follow. Why did he resign?”
    One would expect that Number 1 would have already known why his other self, Number 6 had resigned. But perhaps it was Number 1 who resigned, and because of that Number 6 was kept a prisoner, as that self didn’t want to resign, and so remained loyal. Remember Number 6’s anguish pattern, in ‘A B and C’ Number 6 reliving the moment he handed in his letter of resignation, or rather his other self the Number 1. On the other hand, if it was the Number 6 self who resigned, perhaps he was keeping that from his other self, the reason why, he could not admit to himself, and for that reason Number 1 had Number 6 put in The Village in an attempt to extract the reason why Number 6 resigned, because Number 6 had managed to keep that from his other self the Number 1!

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