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Wednesday 28 December 2016

Quote For The Day

    “They might let me go, if you gave me some sort of information.”
                                          {The Maid-Number 66 – Arrival}

    The Supervisor thought the maid was going to pull it off, get the required information that is, the answer to why the Prisoner resigned. Okay it looked a half-cocked affair sending Number 66 in like that, and she did try, by playing on the Prisoner’s sympathies, he might tell her what they needed to know. But this prisoner has to be handled very differently, after all the game has only just begun, this is only an opening gambit on Number 2’s part. While in the middle game there are intricate moves to be made, as well as sacrifices, the first Number 2 for example. That was a clever gambit, to replace Number 2 so that when Number 6 came to call on Number 2 in his office, he would be faced with his successor, forcing Number 6 back to square one with a new Number 2. Thereby keeping the Prisoner off balance, unable to get used to one person, which was rather neat. The end game results in a lesson for Number 6, that escape from The Village is not possible. Yet that will not stop the Prisoner from trying!

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