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Friday 16 December 2016

A Favourite Scene In the Prisoner

   That would be in ‘Arrival’ when the white membranic Guardian puts in its first appearance. First a small sphere balancing on the waterspout of the fountain, and then growing to its full size 6 feet in circumference on top of the Gloriette. Number 2 gives the order to “Wait, wait be still,” and everyone including the Prisoner stands stock still, no-one is moving……except for a young chap in a striped jersey. But all he does is dash about, he doesn’t run away. The young man seems to be part of a demonstration, a demonstration of power as the Guardian attacks him. In other words step out of line and this is what happens to you. I have always taken this to be a demonstration laid on for the Prisoner’s benefit.
   “What was that?” the Prisoner asks.
   “That would be telling” Number 2 replies.
   But why the order to “Be still?” Perhaps because the Guardian is attracted to movement, that’s why it attacked the young man, who runs out of the pool, spins about, then arms stretched out he backs off facing the Guardian, as though he’s waiting for the inevitable. No attempt is made by the young man to actually run away. So he either volunteered, or was coerced into taking part in this demonstration.

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