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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

De-briefing The Prisoner

   The Prisoner "What's it all about?
   "No.2 "Sit down and I'll tell you. It's a question of your resignation."
   "Go on."
   "The information inside your head is priceless....I don't think you realise what a valuable property you have become. A man like you is worth a great deal on the open market, the BBC would pay a great deal of money for your services."
   "Who brought me here?"
   "I do know how you feel believe me, but I think you'll find that you really have only yourself to blame. And they have taken quite a liberty."
   "Who are they?"
   "A lot of people are curious about what lies behind your resignation. You had a brilliant career as Danger Man John Drake, your recod is impeccable. They what to know why you suddenly left."
   "What people?"
   "Lew Grade, newspapermen, the television viewers. Now personally I do believe your story that is was a matter of principle, that you had tired of the role of John Drake. The scripts had become dull, boring, and repetative. But what I think doesn't really count, does it?" One has to be sure about these things."
   "And that gives you the right to poke your nose into my private business?"
   "Now please, it's my job to check your motives."
   "I've been checked!"
   "Of course, but when a man like you knows as much as you do, a double check does no harm. After all once this new project of yours attains cult status, well think of all those fans who will go over the reasons behind your resignation over, and over, and over again. Repeatedly for the years to come. Just like this I suppose, well perhaps not quite like this, this is a first!"

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