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Sunday 23 June 2013

Thought For The Day

    I like the symbolism regarding what Dutton said, that he told them all he knew, he didn't have access to the vital stuff. The irony being was, they didn’t believe him! I used to wonder what people and fans of the series would have thought, had Pat McGoohan explained all he could about ‘the Prisoner,’ and would that have been enough for us? Somehow I don’t think so, I would have probably contradicted him for a start, even if only on the grounds that alter egos of self cannot physically meet! I'm sure that even if Pat McGoohan had explained the series, fans would have dissected his explanations, as well as the series itself. I couldn’t see people, fans of ‘the Prisoner’ simply accepting McGoohan’s explanations. Yet on the other hand, I know of some fans who idolised McGoohan so much, that they would have believed, and swallowed every word he said, and have done without question! McGoohan did tell us a little of his creation, but the rest he left to us to arrive at our own conclusions. I just don’t think he expected us to be still doing it almost 46 years after the event!
    We didn't think McGoohan would  have handed explanations of 'the Prisoner' on a plate did we? We wouldn't have expected him to, would we?

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  1. If I recall correctly the McGuffin of Hitchcock's "Family Plot" is a jewel, a very precious diamond probably. And in the final image it is seen, only by the film audience, to be hidden amidst the sparkling glass stones of a large lustre. In a way, right before everyone's eyes. A very significant observation, David! - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,

      A ververt significant observation, yes I would agree with that.

      Very kind regards