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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Pictorial Prisoner

    This, according to No.2 is the Therapy Zone. A place where there is no surveillance, where you can be an alcoholic in perfect privacy as long as you return to the flock in good time.
     Well it obviously isn't, it's a set up for the benefit of No.6! Because firstly No.2 isn't drunk, and secondly the scientist has drugged No.6, a drug to the exact proportions, enough to see him through to the end of the election, what's more there will be no rememberences.
   I correspond with a friend and fan of 'the Prisoner' by email, and we have been discussing the other cave scene in 'Free For All.' Soon after I had clicked on the send button yesterday, I suddenly thought............
   Is this the real Therapy Zone? Because it's possible that these men are undergoing some form of therapy. But why is the floor covered with straw? Perhaps to create a little warmth, as straw gives off an animal heat.

Be seeing you


  1. Hello David,
    it's an interesting thought, different. I wouldn't take it for granted, but if it really can be interpreted this way then the form of therapy Number 6 underwent there would have been aversion therapy. For the two mechanics, who beat him up, it might have been a way to relieve their aggressions. However, I'm not quite sure where this leads to. And why they wouldn't be treated in the hospital.

    I admit I'd like to see this cave as a metaphor or a symbol, maybe for what lies "underneath" the village, or for what are its fundaments.. Because it reminds me of the cave in Fall Out, and both were thought up by Patrick McGoohan. So the question would be: what did the caves mean to him? Or: Why the crosspiece?

    Another issue that baffles me: Why doesn't Rover do anything? Or is it Rover who's in there for therapy? But what kind of therapy?

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Jana,

      No I wouldn't take it for granted that this is the real Therapy Zone, it was only a thought that struck me. Aversion therapy takes place in the hospital, in both 'Arrival' and 'A Change of Mind.' The two motor mechanics simply get their revenge on No.6 for his having dunked them in the water from the jet boat earlier in the episode.
      I cannot say what the caves meant to Patrick McGoohan, if anything. But I know why the crosspiece, that's an easy one, No.6 needed a spar to support the sail from!

      As for the Village Guardian doing nothing, if it had, the two motor mechanics could not had had their revenge on No.6.

      Very kind regards