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Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

   2,000 free work Units, that's the special merit award No.6 won for his sculpture at the Exhibition of Arts & Crafts. As a matter of interest, that's the precise sum of £2,000 per week, McGoohan was earning at the time!
    Cobb is another citizen not seen to wear his numbered badge. Even in hospital patients wear their badge!
    I wonder if the guardians first victim in 'Arrival' was blind? That would account for him dodging about the way he did. He could hear the guardian, but couldn't see it coming at him. And if that is the case, it makes the killing even much more black and violent.
    Just think, if they had not involved No.6 in the plot to murder the retiring No.2 in 'It's Your Funeral,' the plot would have worked!
    When No.2 telephones No.6 in 'Once Upon A Time' No.6 says "I know your voice." It would have been remarkable if No.6 had forgotten so soon after their encounter during 'The Chimes of Big Ben. 'Seeing as how originally Once Upon A Time was to have followed on after 'The Chimes of Big Ben'. But having said that, there must have been a gap of some description between the two original placing of the two episodes in the screening order. Because No.2 says to No.6 "I've been here before." which suggests that No.2 has been away, and then later brought back to The Village, which is actually confirmed in a telephone conversation between No.2 and No.1. "You can say what you like. You brought me back here."
    If No.1 and No.6 are one and the same, two sides of the same person. No.1 is the evil side, and No.6 is the one with the conscience, and that's perhaps why he resigned, it was a matter of conscience!
    "They" seem to know what No.6 is thinking, how he will react to any given situation. That's because "they" have No.1, who is of the same mind as No.6. Perhaps then "they" should have asked No.1 why No.6 resigned!

The Numbers Game
   It was suggested to me by Morag when we were thinking of 93, that old man out there in the desert being shot at and chased by armed guardians, and whether or not he is the former No.6, when Morag said "Perhaps No.6 wasn't important to The Village authorities any more, and so was demoted in number, from 6 to 93. The more important you are in The Village rankings, the lesser the number, such Two who was second only to 1. Take No.245 for example, he was a guardian, a "school prefect" in 'The General.' Yet by the time of 'A Change of Mind' he had risen in the ranking to 93, but at the same time had become "unmutual." But obviously his confession was so good for his soul, that he maintained that number, and was even given a position as one of the delegates sitting on the assembly. So the lesser the number the more important one is to The Village authorities, and the greater the number the less important one is, and finally to be retired into the Old People's Home. And once you've been re-allocated a new number, your former number can then be re-allocated to a new arrival - Six perhaps!

Characters Say The Daftest Things
  Like when No.6 told No.2 that he'd like to be the first man on the Moon. I mean first man on the Moon indeed! Whatever would he do when he got there? However, No.6's remark certainly helps date the Prisoner, the series being pre-moon landings!

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