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Saturday 22 June 2013

A Favourite Scene In THEPRIS6NER

1,100 has every right to look apprehensive, seeing as how she has been caught spying on Two in the episode 'Anvil'.
   But Two is a kindly man, he has an ice cream given to 1,100, he also decides that he will have to send 1,100 for therapy, that idea makes the schoolgirl very apprehensive indeed!

    But as I say, Two is a kindly man, allowing 1,100 time to finish her ice cream.
    No he doesn't! There's no time at all before a black Bedford van arrives at Palais Two. 1,100 is bundled into the back of the van, her ice cream tossed away.............
.................And run over by the van as it departs for the Therapy Zone!
   There is a question as to when 1,100 actually arrive in the Therapy Zone? Because in an earlier scene, when Six infiltrates the Therapy Zone to rescue 313, 1,100 is already there!
Below is a link for the scene, which appears towards the end of the video.

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