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Monday 10 June 2013

Pictorial PRIS6NER

    In a dream it is not possible for a person to die, you wake up just before you die in a dream. This is Helen, a bio-chemist who volunteered for the experiment of the Village. But she is suffering at the moment, and why is she suffering?
Because she is being suffocated to death by her son 11-12! But why? Because for 11-12 the Village is not enogh. He wants to leave the Village, to go the the "other place." But that is not possible, not for someone born of the Village, someone who physically does not exist!
    So not in a dream, but in her subconscious is where Helen is being suffocated to death and cannot wake up, because she is already awake. Thus she has to sit and endure her own Village death, which means that at least she is free of the Village.

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