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Tuesday 11 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

    “In society one must learn to conform" and that rings true in any society. Because you have to think in a certain way, otherwise you simply don't "fit-in." And if you simply do not choose to think, or conform to a certain way of thinking, you simple don't join, as you find that particular society is not for you!
   I conformed, but then I saw the light, and walked out!

General Connotations
    The General a super computer ideal for use in conjunction with Speedlearn. Yet generally speaking there is more to generalise about this episode, in the way No.2 uses the military metaphor when visiting No.6 in his cottage "Mopping up operations Number Six?" quips No.2, No.6 mopping up the spilt tomato juice on the carpet. This after quelling the outspoken remarks of No.12 against the Professor with military discipline.
    "How long have you been with us Number Twelve?"
     "Me Sir? Quite a long time."
    "Obviously not long enough."
   In other words don't think, just obey orders, which was just the advice No.2 gave his assistant No.14 in Hammer into Anvil.
   The military march goes through the entire episode, in the plaster busts of military leaders in the drawing room of the Professor’s home. And in the decor of the Professors study, in pictures and statuettes. And also in the military march played as the body of men leave the educational boardroom, along corridors to the Generals office, in military procession.
    Confidence in the General, confidence in the Professor, and now No.12 shows our confidence in you, well members of the educational board, he will give you a confidential breakdown of the entire operation, in confidence of course. And confidence is at the very core of all educational processes, even militaristic ones.

There Is No Escape!
    A particular article stated that McGoohan intended the door of his house in London {Fall Out} to represent the fact that the individual can never attain freedom. That when the door opens on its own we know there is someone inside waiting to start the whole thing all over again. There is no escape.
   Well I thought that it was the Prisoner who started it all over again. That the house of 1 Buckingham Place is the house of No.1, and by the door opening of its own accord is an indication that the village is anywhere and everywhere. But whichever way you look at it, its all in the mix, and there is still no escape.

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