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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Quote For The Day

    "I want to call a witness, a character witness. I want the court to call Roland Walter Dutton! He's a man who I think I knew, a man scheduled to die, and therefore better fitted than I, to say the things that need to be said."
    I wonder what it was the Prisoner thought poor old Dutton was going to say? No doubt whatever it was, Dutton who was scheduled to die, wouldn't have anything to lose by saying it! But the Prisoner didn't speak up for Roland Walter Dutton, he was gong to use him! Mind you, the Prisoner was himself sentenced to death, the sentence to be carried out by the people in the name of justice. Once sentenced to death, the Prisoner didn't simply stand there and say the things that needed to be said! He ran the Prisoner, but how long could he run for, and to where?


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