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Saturday 22 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

    In the two episodes ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ and ‘It’s Your Funeral’ there is the strange sport of "Kosho," the same footage is used in both episodes as during the match No.14 {No.2's assistant during Hammer Into Anvil} during ‘It’s Your Funeral’ can clearly be seen. So its inexplicable as to why more of this "Kosho" match was screened during Its Your Funeral rather than Hammer Into Anvil for which the "Kosho" match was originally filmed and intended for seeing how No.14 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ {actor Basil Hoskins} appears in all "Kosho" film footage! I wonder if Basil Hoskins was supposed to have been No.22, but couldn’t be, perhaps because of other acting commitments. That would explain why actor Mark Burns is not only dressed like No.14 of the previous episode, but that there is a resemblance between the two actors.

    In ‘Dance of the Dead’ we learn from Little Bo-Peep - No.240 that No.6 had no radio of his own, that there was no radio he could have borrowed, so when a acquiring one....... so where did the dead man washed up on the beach acquire such a radio?

"Even I won't be able to Tell You Apart. You'll Need A Password, The Password Is Gemini"
    Gemini is of course the astrological sign for The Twins, yet No.6 and Curtis-No.12 were not twins, even though looks can be deceptive , but definitely not in this case. Curtis-No.12 was either a very good look-a-like for No.6, or he underwent some extraordinary plastic surgery which either left not scars, or the scars were very well hidden. The mole on No.12's left wrist was false however, and the mole on No.6's left wrist having been surgically removed. There is a unique curiosity to the episode of The Schizoid man, and it is this. There is no evidence that No.6 checked the body of Curtis after he lost his nerve and was attacked by the village guardian Rover, and judging by what we see no evidence to say that Curtis actually died, he may simply have been unconscious. And if Curtis had still been alive, then what price Curtis remaining in the village as he was? After all administration couldn't have two No.6's running around loose in the village... could they? And if that had been the case, and if Curtis had not undergone plastic surgery previously, he would certainly have been faced with that prospect, if this were the case. After all with the episode of ‘Dance of the Dead’ No.2 told No.6 that the body washed up on the beach and which then lay in  a long drawer in the mortuary of the Town Hall, would be amended slightly, so that it was No.6 who had died in an accident at sea. This then is yet another indication to the extent of both surgical and medical capabilities and techniques, to be employed by doctors at the hospital.

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