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Sunday 16 June 2013

The Enigmatic Butler

    He serves his master or mistress without question, one might say through sheer blind obedience and is never heard to utter one single syllable, but that is not to say he cannot speak. after all who do you think No.2 was speaking to on the telephone during ‘A B & C’ informing him that No.6 is here to see him? "Is he, show him in." And again during ‘A Change Of Mind’ informing No.2 that No.6 is here to see him..... the Butler of course!
    Over the decades fans of ‘the Prisoner’ have come to see the Butler as being symbolic of the "little man" who simply goes along with anything thrown at him, the silent majority if you prefer. But how came the Butler to the village, well either by his own volition or abduction, most probably the former. However like No.6 the Butler chooses not to wear his numbered penny farthing badge, and gets away with it, suggesting a rebellious nature, which is demonstrated during the violent and bloody revolution during ‘Fall Out.’
    So what became of the Butler after he managed to escape the Village along with his three consecrates? Well he was seen running along with other Midgets and Dwarfs in the 1960's film "A Magical Mystery Tour," and missing the bus!
    And whilst were on the subject, the rebellious No.48 last seen trying to hitch a ride somewhere along the A27, went on to become Lord Etherley in the film ‘Crossplot.’ The ex-No.2 was last seen entering the Houses of Parliament, the House of Lords to be precise. As for the prisoner, well it began all over again with the closure of Fall Out!
     As for the Butler, well it is quite apparent hat he knew more about the village than he was letting on. And when No.2 during ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ well being thrown out of the Green Dome the way he was, must have hurt him to have been treated in such an appalling way, and after previously demonstrating unquestioning loyalty!

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