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Sunday 16 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

A different Class of Prisoner
   It seems to me that there are two classes of Prisoner in the village. Oh they all have their own homes, but some are more privileged than others. Like No.6, who has his breakfast brought to him on a tray in both Free For All and Dance of the Dead. More than that he has an electronic door which is operated by an electric photo cell. Which means the door to his cottage opens automatically when anyone approaches it, No.2's residence has a door like that. As does No.1 Buckingham Place in Fall Out.
    Other privileged prisoners include the Professor and his wife in the General. Oh they might have come to the village of their own free will, and are very happy, having everything they need, or so Madam Professor would have it. But they are still prisoners, with special privileges.
   Other prisoners like No.24-Alison of The Schizoid Man, not to mention No.12, have their own home, but not an automatic door to their cottage. They have to actually physically open the door themselves!

Number 2 Couldn’t Sleep!
Looks like No.2's had a bad night. Perhaps his stomach ulcer's been giving him jip. Either that or he's been contemplating his future, if he has one that is. Because he's given his word that in three days No.6 will have given him what he wants to know, why No.6 resigned. He believed, wrongly as it turned out, that No.6 was going to sell out. He wanted to know what No.6 had to sell, and to whom he was going to sell it.
   As it happened No.6 wasn't selling out, he really was going on holiday! No wonder No.2 looked so devastated when that oversized red telephone began to bleep so impatiently.

What’s This Blind Man’s Buff?
    Well hardly a children’s game, but with the Prisoner you never can tell!
    No, this is the blindfolded state in which those leaving and arriving at the village find themselves, unless they are in a state of unconsciousness of course.
   Strange how No.6 looks like John Drake in civilian clothes, shirt and tie, and two piece suit.

   John Drake you say - No.6 is impersonating John Drake, how is this possible? Unless Curtis was Drake all the time, and seeing as Curtis is dead, that in turn means Drake is...... Well whoever said Curtis was his real name? Drake himself has been known to use different names and identities during his multitude of assignments over the years, and so who is to say that Drake is John Drakes real name?
   But then again, turning the tables so to speak and with a pinch of symbolism, this is the Prisoner’s arrival in the Village, having only escaped a few minutes ago, and recaptureed!

Be seeing you

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