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Saturday, 29 June 2013

It's a question of Time!

   No.2 "I can never remember, one lump or two?"
   No.6 "It's in the file."
   "Yes, a matter of fact yes. But it would save time."
   "Why, are you running out of time?"
   "It's the government cuts!"
   "I've noticed there are no biscuits!"
 "They've cut the Village funding, saying far too much money is being spent on biscuits!"

   No.2 "Number fourteen the experiment must come forward!"
   No.14 "Impossible, I need all of a week."
   "I haven't got a week, I've got three days. It's the government cut in Village funding. If we're not careful, we'll all be out of a job!"

   No.2 "A week! You don't want to damage him!"
   Voice "It's not me, it's the government."
   "What about the government?"
   "They are cutting back funding."
   "I noticed, there aren't any biscuits with the tea or coffee anymore!"
   "Well if we're not all very careful, there won't be any Village either!"

  And then came the news, because the government has to cut 11.5 billion from government spending a number of departments have had to be closed. In the House of Commons, it was discussed, debated, and finally acted upon, and a motion was passed to close the installation known simply as The Village.

   And so the Village was evacuated of all it's citizens and personnel, by helicopter, lorry, Mini-Moke, and all available means. One final act of defiance was carried out by Number 1. He shot a rocket into the air, it landed he knew not where!

    As for the installation known simply as The Village, was put in mothballs, just on the off-chance that it might be reinstated. But then after even more cuts in government spending, the final decision was taken to remove the Village from mothball status, and was left to fall into dereliction and decay. There was not even enough money to give the Village it's final end, by demolition!
Be seeing you!

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