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Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

    If Number 6 and Number 1 Are One And The Same Then surely the village administration already knew why the Prisoner resigned, which when you think about it, makes a mockery of the whole thing!

He Really Was Going On Holiday!
  Well the Prisoner told Engadine as much " Somewhere different, somewhere quiet, where I can think." Makes you think of Portmeirion doesn't it, well it does me. So was this an in-joke on the part of Patrick McGoohan? Possibly not, as I understand he didn't care for so called  in-jokes!

   The undertaker types, those "Top Hat" officials seen in the Prisoner series. Could they be the original "Men In Black?"

Looking Back
   In some of the Prisoner based magazines which have been produced over the years, I found many, many articles written and hundreds of questions asked on the subject of the Prisoner. The vast majority of questions have logic behind them, others are either deep reaching, or are a triviality. Whilst others are bizarre to say the least. Like the one "How On earth did No.6, and the Judges men ride cardboard cut-out horses? Well the fact of the matter is..... they didn’t'!

Be seeing you....... Giddy up horsey!

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