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Friday 14 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Schizoid Man
    After going to so much time and trouble in conditioning No.6's from being right handed to being left handed, it was so very easy for No.6 to reverse that conditioning. This by earthling himself to the gas pipe and employing a table lamp which was short circuiting. Perhaps the answer is in the voltage!

    In the General No.6 was falsely accused of sabotaging the electrics of his cottage. No.12's suggestion of possible punishment could either be imprisonment or a fine, No.6 chose the latter. Well the fine would amount to nothing, and as for imprisonment, well that could only suggest solitary confinement, which is something No.6 might enjoy!

   During the filming at Portmeirion, the village taxis, driven by Hotel porters, were used to ferry guests and their luggage from reception, through the village and down to the hotel. And regarding the fact that the location of the Village, that of Portmeirion in North Wales, was kept secret until the opening credits of Fall Out, well that would not have been a secret to many. Those guests actually staying at Portmeirion, along with the numerous day visitors.

    The Electro Pass. There's a date indicated on the dial, 19. Some people think that's the date of Number 6's birthday, which of course it is, but surely not the month of March, but that of September! Well filming began in Portmeirion on the 5th of September 1966, which means cast and crew would still be there on the 19th.

   Each night the good citizens of the village are locked in their cottages and rooms at night. For No.6, as possibly for every citizen, a maid makes No.6 his nightly bedtime night cap of hot chocolate. This is of course drugged providing No.6 with a good nights sleep, and at the same time providing security for the village. But if the citizens are all secured in their rooms and cottages, why was the French door leading out to the small balcony of 6 Private left open? Was this part of some efficiency test set by No.2 to test No.6's efficiency, or that of the village? After all isn't that what No.2 told the observer No.240 "Don't worry my dear, it will test our efficiency." So the fact of the open French door could have been left unlocked quite deliberately, so to test the efficiencies of Village Security, and the Observers.

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