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Friday, 21 June 2013

The Therapy Zone

Who Is Number 1?
   Quite frankly we all are, or at least we try to aspire to be Number 1. Well we all look after Number 1, that of ourselves, well lets face it, if we don't no-one else will!
   So who would you see, if you yourself were in No.6's shoes when confronting Number 1? Well quite obviously yourself. And don't try and tell me that you would never act as No.6's alter ego the Number 1 did, because we all have our dark side, which makes us all capable of doing anything. And then it's up to our conscience whether we can sleep at nights or not. Mostly we are, our own worst enemy!

Once abducted to the village, they took away the Prisoners identity and gave him a number. And if that wasn’t bad enough, during the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man,’ "they" took away his number, and gave him a fresh identity!

In the episode ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ the three children in the nursery do not wear a badge pinned to their dressing gowns, as No.8 of Checkmate, and the interim/heir presumptive No.2 of Its Your Funeral.

Such Business Is Above The Law!
    During the episode Once Upon A Time we discover the kind of work No.6 did in his previous life, a job which was concerned with state secret, and confidential business. Not only that but No.6-John Drake set himself and such business as being above the law! No-one is above the law history has shown us that, King Charles the 1st thought he was above the law, but he soon found out differently because Parliament had his head chopped off!

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