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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Actor Brian Cox

What many fans of the 1960's television series the Prisoner are not aware of, is that the actor Brian Cox did once appear in the series episode The General. Here Brian Cox is pictured on the right with Colin Gordon and Patrick McGoohan. Brian Cox is uncredited for his non-speaking part, and is pictured here, as he is today.
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  1. Who on earth told you that is Brian Cox?

  2. Brian Cox is noted in 'The Gillis Guide to The Prisoner'. According to Mister Gillis, he knows that Brian Cox is in 'the Prisoner,' having been given a small non-speaking part. All the small part actors have been accounted for, except the gentleman making an electronic sweep of No.6's cottage in 'The General.' Besides which, the man looks like Brian Cox as he did when he was a young man of 19 or 20 years of age. Especially if you freeze frame it in close-up. This is as much as I can say.