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Friday 31 December 2010

Caught On Camera

   The Prisoner, on the day of his arrival in the village, is being taken to the Labour Exchange, Job Centre Plus to you. But what's this? Some chap on a bicycle riding passed dressed as No.6! Could it be the new No.2 rushing to take up his new office? Because there are only two people who dress identically, and that's No.6 and the new No.2 of Arrival!
Be seeing you


  1. Hi David,
    This must be another Doppelganger moment!
    He's not been notified that he is to be referred as Number 6 yet...and is still dressed in his own clothes on the way into the Labour Exchange.
    But the chap on the bike is wearing the tan slacks and white piped blazer so familiar to us all.
    Keen Eyes there!!


    1. Dear Karen,
      Yes the chap on the bicycle does wear beige trousers, and a piped blazer, but so to does the new Number 2!

      Be seeing you