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Wednesday 22 December 2010

What No.6 Want's Is What We All Want Ultimately - To Escape!

   However it's a strange thing, but No.6 only attempts to escape his confinement of the village only on four occasions. Twice in Arrival - then again during The Schizoid Man, and once more in Checkmate. I haven't counted either Free For AllMany Happy Returns or Fall Out, as they are both special cases. In Free For All No.6 was elected to the lofty position of being the new No.2, and he instantly tried to organsie a mass breakout of the village, and that was of course his intention right from the very beginning. But it would never have worked, as No.6 was never in control, because 'they' knew exactly what No.6's game was. Then in Many Happy Returns they allowed No.6 to leave the village, because the village might have seemed deserted, but I cannot believe that the whole village was evacuated for the benefit of No.6, and then repopulated once he had departed on his Kon Tiki style raft. As for Fall Out, there was a violent revolution, and the village was evacuated. Everyone got away from the village, No.6 and No.1 included!
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  1. Hi David,
    You mention that in Free for All that the Prisoner's intention was to create a mass exodus of the Village...and Number 2 even expressed "disappointment" that Number 6 had planned to do that rather than wanting to win the election to ...what???? Help (?) the village? Join them?
    Keeping him drugged for what purpose? If all of the other villagers were "in on" the election outcome...what was the purpose of drugging Number 6, as none of the villagers would've left anyway.
    Was the drugging to coerce Number 6 into completing the entire election scam? Just to beat him up and let him know whose boss????
    Maybe I'm looking too deep for an answer when it might have been about the dog and pony show of politics...whatever country or village!