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Thursday 30 December 2010


    Harmony, is what Two wants everyone to be living in. For people to know their roots. It's family that is the important thing to Two. And Two wishes for Six to belong to his family, that's why Six's brother has been brought to the village. A brother who Six lost at sea when they were boys. So family is the most important thing to Two. But what of Two's behaviour to his own family? A wife-M2 who he keeps heavily sedated, who can calmly sit down in front of, and eat a meal. Two's son, 11-12, has no memory of a toy fire engine, and has many questions. But Two loves his son, and that is all that seems to matter. But it's not enough for 11-12 who deosn't know his mother!
    At the Clinic it was suggested that 70 look for the 'Six within.' And later suggests that together Two and 70 might look for the 'Two within.' Not that Two believes in such gumph as psychological mumbo-jumbo talk-cure. During a psychological session with 70, he went on about being put on the potty sideways when he was a toddler. And because of that he wanted to sleep with his mother! Two asked 70 if he had had sex with his mother. To which 70 said "No." To which Two replied "Well dont!" This explains a good deal about Two's twisted mind. Because I think it was Two who was sat sideways on the potty when he was a child, and eventually had sex with his mother!
    So Six has a brother. He was also a Bus driver. Six also has memories of when he was a boy. Of burying a tin with a note and photograph inside it, which he finds again as an adult, buried at a disused village railway halt. Six has a family now, into which he is made very welcome. But there are doubts in his mind. And just when he has accepted his brother, 16 tells Six that he is not his brother.
   As  Bus driver Six takes a village tour bus out into the desert. He finds a rusty ships drft anchor. But to his brother, 16, it's simply a desert folly, a nothing. But to Six the anchor is symbolic of freedom. Because where there is a ships anchor, there must be a ship, or a boat......and where there is a ship or boat there is a Sea, an Ocean. But here there is nothing but desert for mile after mile in every direction........Until one day..........Six's desire to find the ocean is shared by a woman who winks at him. And so Six pursuades 147 to drive him, his brother, and the winking woman out into the desert to find the Ocean, and they do. They run splashing in the Sea........but tragedy befalls Six for a second time. For the brother he thinks he has found, but lost in the Sea when they were boys, 16 is lost to him again. Taken into the Sea by 'Rover.' And so Six is left alone to feel the pain and anguish all over again.
    Six later returns with the doctor 313, to show her the sea. But it's gone, and all there is is desert again. Desert for as far as they can see.
    The village enjoys an 'Escape' holiday resort, where lucky citizens can go for a two week vacation. Originally the original series of the Prisoner was to have had the Palace of Fun, where citizens can go to enjoy themselves.
   Two does his damndest to give Six roots, and believes that to give Six a brother, a family, would make him understand true love. But Six is a tormented soul, who believes his roots lie elsewhere.
   So we have Six in the village, and Michael in New York, and both are one and the same. In the village it would seem that 313 has been assigned to Six, and Lucy to Michael in New York. Lucy is trying to find out why Michael resigned. She tells Michael that although he has resigned from Summakor, Summakor is still in control. But does that control extend all the way to the village?
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