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Sunday 12 December 2010

The Butler - Cuts A Most Enigmatic Character

The Butler is perhaps the most enigmatic character in the Prisoner. Like the Prisoner/No.6 we do not know his name, nor does he wear a numbered badge. He is the small man representing the silent majority. Serving with an unquestioning loyalty. Because he is never heard to utter one sylable it has been said that the Butler is mute, yet I question that, because No.2 told the Butler in the episode It's Your Funeral, when No.6 came to call "I thought I told you that I didn't want to be disturbed. Tell him to go away." The Butler to tell No.6 to go away! And previously in the episode of A B & C, No.2 is speaking on the tellephone "Is he. Send him in." It was the Butler who showed No.6 into No.2's office, and subsequently it must have been the Butler speaking to No.2 on the telephone informing him of No.6's visit.  The Butler is No.6's manservant, person valet, and Butler. But he can also be seen at the very heart of things taking place. Standing by his masters side at the prize giving at the Exhibition of Arts and Crafts, indeed it is the Butler who hands out the prizes. The Butler is seen in the Council chamber in A Change of Mind, what business has he there? And officiates at the Appreciation day ceremony of It's Your Funeral. In Once Upon A Time, the Butler aids No.2 in the Embryo Room, and I believe it is the Butler who poisons No.2's drink. Well it wasn't No.6, and the Butler is the only other person in the room, the door of which is time locked. So it had to be the Butler who did it! And finally in Fall out, the Butler was aware of the Scammell Highwayman Transporter, as he walked round the back and climbed into the cab to drive away with No.6, the late No.2, and No.48 aboard the cage on the trailer of the lorry. And so by being able to drive the lorry away, means that the foot pedals of accelerator, brake, and clutch had had to have been adapted to the Butler's size previously! It is my opinion that the Butler knows a good deal about the village, but isn't letting on. It was also once suggested that the Butler is No.1!
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