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Saturday 18 December 2010

The Prisoner: The Ultimate Box Set

The 40th anniversary Prisoner DVD box-set used to be the ultimate box-set, which was produced by Network DVD. But no longer, because the above is now the ultimate DVD box-set, which is produced by the same company. Not only does it contain the Prisoner series of the 1960's, but also the 2009 reinterpretation, and reinvention of THEPRISONER. The box-set also contains the three cd set of the soundtrack of the original series, the book by Andrew Pixley, and all the previous film footage and documentary Don't Knock Yourself Out of the 40th anniversary box-set. The price is £99.99, but Network DVD have it for sale at £62.99. But I will not be buying this, as I already have all its contents in other formats. But I did forsee this box-set, as it was the only possible next step in such Prisoner box-sets. I forget how many times Network DVD have released the Prisoner, it must be three or four times now. But they simply seem to be squeezing all that they can out of the Prisoner, and trying to squeeze money out of gullable fans of the series, in making this a 'must have' item. I wonder what Network DVD will produce for the 50th anniversary of the Prisoner, as the 'ultimate' box-set has already been produced!
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