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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Downright Weird!

This steel see-saw device situated in the Control Room, must be the weirdest thing employed. It has a monitor and an Observer at either end, and goes up and down, as it revolves round and round. What might be the idea behind this strange device, could be that when sat watching a monitor for long periods of time, one fails to notice what is taking place on the screen. The duration for a person watching surveillance screens is about twenty minutes. After that one should take a break. So it might be that the movement of the see-saw gives a longer time to the Observers watching the monitors at either end. The motion of the see-saw being a destraction to them.
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  1. Hi David,
    Perhaps McGoohan was showing us that it was all a game...even adults like a good game every now and then. He wanted music to bring to mind Pop goes the weasel...SEE SAW Margorie Daw...and other British childhood songs....and in Fall Out he and Number 2 play on the see saw....another doppelganger moment in the Prisoner!