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Thursday 16 December 2010

THEPRISONER {2009 Production}

    A remake of the original series of the Prisoner had been eagerly awaited by many fans the world over. Indeed there had been rumours of a sequal series to the Prisoner since the original series came to an end in 1968. But that came to nothing, nor did any further rumour of a remake or Hollywood "Blockbuster" film of the Prisoner which was rife in the mid to late 1990's. Patrick McGoohan himself apparently submitted a script for a Hollywood Prisoner film, but Hollywood producers threw the idea out, saying that the American audience would not understand it! When asked, Patrick McGoohan said that a Prisoner film would be made, and that the cameras would role on such a project. And McGoohan was not the only one to say that "The cameras were set to role in 1995, or was it 96? Oh well, it was Frank Ratcliffe of Polygram at the time who said it. But Frank was a bit previous, as the cameras were not "set to role," and never did!
    It wasn't until AMCtv and ITV got together to produce THEPRISONER, which premiered in America in 2009, that a reinterpretation, a reinvention of the Prisoner hit the television screens across the Atlantic, while here in Great Britain we had to wait until April of this year.
    I think it only fair to say that on the whole, and by and large, THEPRISONER was not taken to by the majority of life-time fans of the original series. One individual was of the opinion that any such series should never be made in the first place, and that opinion has been expressed by other life-times fans over the years, who were against any such remake or Hollywood film. I have heard of those fans who switched the new series off after only half an hour, proclaiming the series as rubbish. One fan switched off after only ten minutes!!!!! How can anyone judge a series after watching it for so short a time?
   But now we do have THEPRISONER, which is I am happy to say, appreciated by many fans, together with myself and my wife in particular. THEPRISONER is after all, not so very far from the original, it has all the main elements of the original series, only reinterpreted, and reinvented for our time. I have to say that I found it difficult to get into the series, because so much was happening, it was hard to take it all in. But as my wife and I watched the series, we would do so by watching each episode a second time, before the next episode came along, and that helped. And then we couldn't wait for the next episode to come along.
   The thing with THEPRISONER is that there are clues throughout the series as to what is happening, and the first clue appears in the first few seconds of the first episode Arrival. And in the final episode all the questions are answered, and the viewer is left in no doubt as to what has been happening. But that is not to say that there are still, a few, unanswered questions. There are definately no hidden meanings, well there never was in the original series, but there are a few unanswered questions................
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