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Wednesday 29 December 2010

The Prisoner Variations

    Have you read my book at all, perhaps not, as it is out of print now. Published in 2003, it contains 29 short stories inspired by Patrick McGoohan's creation the Prisoner.
Be seeing you


  1. Sadly I never came across your book. Maybe it's time for another print-run? I was in Portmeirion a couple of weeks ago and found, in The Prisoner shop, a book containing three stories that were fairly good fan-fic. It's a shame the Powys Media range of Prisoner books did not extend beyond two (although I thought 'Miss Freedom' was a bit naff). Be seeing you :-)

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Perhaps my book will be re-printed sometime in the future. But at the moment I am more concerned with trying to get another manuscript regarding 'the Prisoner' published, which is the result of 4 years of in-depth reaserch into 'the Prisoner' and all related material, which is under consideration by a publisher at the moment.

    May I ask, was the book you came across in 'the Prisoner' shop an omnibus of three novels by Roger Langley? If so I have those in single volumes.
    Powys Media were suposed to have two more novels lined up for publication, and a third in preparation. I have no idea why they have not published more, originally there was supposed to have been a series of six volumes. The reason might very well be the poor sale results of the first two volumes 'the Prisoner's Dilemma,' and 'Miss Freedom,' both of which I have not read, and sadly have no desire to I have to say.

    Have you read 'Fall Out' by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore, when I was sent a copy of the book in 2007 I got half-way and stopped. I have not felt the desire to pick up the book to continue reading it.

    Nice to hear from you. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    PS, secondhand copies of 'The Prisoner Variations do appear on ebay from time to time, and there are three copies available at Amazon Books at the memonemt.